The Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

1. State Sales Taxes
2. Reinvested Dividends
3. Out-of-Pocket Charitable Deductions
4. Student-Loan Interest Paid by Mom and Dad
5. Job-Hunting Costs
6. Moving Expenses to Take Your First Job
7. Military Reservists’ Travel Expenses
8. Deduction of Medicare Premiums for the Self-Employed
9. Child-Care Credit
10. Estate Tax on Income in Respect of a Decedent
11. State Tax Paid Last Spring
12. Refinancing Points
13. Jury Pay Paid to Employer
14. American Opportunity Credit
15. A College Credit for Those Long Out of College
16. Those Blasted Baggage Fees
17. Credits for Energy-Saving Home Improvements
18. Bonus Depreciation … And Beefed-Up Expensing
19. Break on the Sale of Demutualized Stock
20. Social Security Taxes You Pay
21. Waiver of Penalty for the Newly Retired
22. Amortizing Bond Premiums
23. Legal Fees Paid to Secure Alimony
24. Don’t Unnecessarily Report a State Income Tax Refund